Until she was found by volunteers, Jennifer never went to school. Due to her disability her family didn’t think she could or should attend, local teachers were not able to support her and the local school was not equipped to help. 

Unfortunately, Jennifer's story is not unique. For many children living in developing countries, having a disability will mean they may never see the inside of a classroom.

Volunteers are training teachers, supporting schools and educating communities about disability. They're working to change attitudes and ensure children affected by disability have the support they need to get an education.

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Mandolin Media:

Paul of Mandolin Media reprised his usual role of Director of Photography and Producer for this film. He took care of all filming, lighting, audio and interviews in the film. Nick Adie of Voluntary Services Overseas supported and organised the filmmaking and photography gathering throughout the trip.

The filming and photography took place over four days in Gaari Gbani and Goriko in the state of Bolgatanga. Two films were edited from the days filming, with footage for a third film on a different case study kept on file.

Paul worked with the client, VSO, to edit the footage on arrival back in the UK; supplying a rough cut and organising project files for ease of future use.