The Gates Foundation: Family Planning in India


Manju and Sushma are both from Bihar, India. Both are the same age and from similar family backgrounds. Why have their lives turned out so differently?  
Manju, who didn't have access to family planning, had her first child at a young age and ended up having five children.

Sushma, who had access to contraception, delayed her first pregnancy until she was ready to have a baby.

Mandolin Media:

Paul of Mandolin Media reprised his usual role of Director of Photography and Producer for this film. He took care of all filming, lighting, audio and interviews for the film. He liaised with The Gates Foundation in Seattle and the local partners on the ground in Bihar to plan the trip, including storyboard, interview questions, filming locations and the characters who would appear in the film.

The filming and photography took place over five days in Bihar, northern India. 

Paul worked with the client to edit the footage on arrival back in the UK; supplying a rough cut and organising project files for ease of future use.