VSO: Special deliveries: The impact of Neonatal care in Ethiopia


In Ethiopia 240 babies die every day due to a lack of the right medical care. When VSO Volunteer Nurse Miriam Etter arrived in Ethiopia she knew that to help save more babies lives they needed to set up a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
The new NICU was created and the transformation has been incredible. This film highlights the difference the NICU has made to the lives of mothers and babies in Ethiopia.

Mandolin Media:

Paul of Mandolin Media reprised his usual role of Director of Photography for this film, Photographer and Post Production Editor.  He undertook all of the filming, audio, lighting and photography for the project on location, and post production back in the UK.
Meryl Westlake of VSO worked as Producer on the the trip and lead the interviews, and was a great all-round help! 

The filming and photography took place over three days in Suhul and the nearby area.

Paul edited the photos and footage, and worked with feedback from the client to produce the completed short film.

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