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Living with deafness in Thailand
Accessing Clean Water in Mexico
Jennifer goes to school
Saving babies' lives in Ethiopia
Two Women, Two Futures

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Our first clients as a production agency (back in 2014) were NGOs and charities, namely the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation followed by Oxfam, VSO, the United Nations and Planet Water Foundation who we work with to this day.  

We focus on international development because it's meaningful work that fits our production company style. These projects lend themselves to our background in journalism and documentary filmmaking. Coupled with our experience in marketing and communications, our short films and photography have successfully helped raise awareness and funds for our charity partners. 

The success of our NGO and Charity films comes from identifying strong characters and telling the story through their experiences, paired with compelling footage, audio and editing. 

As a potential client, the creative process starts with an initial consultation, where the project aims and budget are discussed. If you choose to work with us we can help develop ideas and a creative direction, with the flexibility for us to work with you or in-house at our agency. 

Once a direction is agreed, we'll move onto the storyboarding, when that's completed and approved we'll work on planning and organising the production, filming and editing, using the storyboard as a guide.

That way you'll know what kind of production to expect and have the opportunity for as much creative input as desired. 

Our goal is always to work quickly and efficiently, with strong communication and responsiveness.

Having produced NGO and Charity films and photography in India, Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, the Middle East, Thailand and Philippines, we know the importance of positive intervention and working with local communities to improve their quality of life. We also know the importance of raising awareness of issues and communicating with existing and potential donors the importance and efficacy of these projects.

Our team consists of both British and Thai nationals and we own and operate the best professional video equipment available. Our range of 4K cameras, gimbals, drone, crane, dolly track, lights and audio coupled with our experience and creative openness ensures you'll have a production you're proud of.

We'd be happy to provide references to any of our previous clients on request.

Contact us to discuss your project with our video team and find a production to fit your budget.

Our video production agency in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, specialises in videos, films and photography with a proven track record of satisfied clients.

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