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Shooting an e-commerce video

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We were approached by an international e-commerce company, Rediston, selling products online.

They tasked us with producing a video commercial that both promoted their wares and served as am informational, instructional product video for customers.

We were also requested to take a number of photographs, both as standalone product shots and with models using and demonstrating the product. In this case the product was a face shield, to protect against covid-19 transmission.

The client was looking for a regional video production company, that could create a storyboard, plan the production, undertake the shoot and complete the post production. See the video below:


The client found our agency online and asked us to propose a storyboard idea, along with a number of other agencies. We put together the proposal which was accepted and we successfully won the contract to produce two videos - a shorter piece for social media and a longer version to accompany the listing online.

The purpose of the longer video is provide product information and act as a user friendly guide for new customers. After watching the video, the customer should be able to easily assemble the face shield and glasses.

The shorter video was edited with more energy and the style was quite different, acting more as an advertisement than product information video.

The Shoot

Video production.
Our Creative Director filming the e-commerce commercial.

For the shoot we used a pair of Sony A7III cameras, with 85mm, 50mm and 28mm lenses for the gimbal work and photography. Our led light panels were useful and provided ample lighting, much needed as there was a lack of available natural light.

The client hired a studio/apartment, and we also shot in a cafe for the second location.

The latter was our idea, which we wrote into the storyboard, and ended up being the clients favourite part of the video. The shoot went well and the client was happy with the result.

Post Production

The post production for the video was quite tricky, as the client had a low budget but high expectations, based on a reference video for a different product to the one we were working with, and provided us with a difficult, low-quality animation to work with.

We edited two versions of the video, one shorter social media style ad and a longer version for the product listing.

The videos are now live and successfully helping drive sales for the client.

We also edited a series of product photos that the client uses for their online listing.

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